Nintendo looks into your eyes - and sees into your soul with the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo usually isn't the prime candidate when one thinks of innovation. However their recent leap into the console market may not have given them the advantage with graphics, but their intuitive (albeit not very accurate) Wiimote system has put them in the same league as their Microsoft and Sony counterparts. The same holds true even now. As the Nintendo DSi XL is being spread across gaming press this week (we didn't get one to be sure, maybe next year?), Nintendo also saw fit to announce its newest product in its portable selection: the Nintendo 3DS.

ABSOLUT Vodka makes a smash

STOCKHOLM (Mar 23) - Marketing these days is getting more and more creative. The internet spawns the most innovative marketing techniques, like those banner ads we all love, and spam e-mails, and the like. There are also plenty of product placements in various movies, which prove to be quite successful. However, ABSOLUT Vodka has taken it to the next level to hire Spike Jonze (Creator of both the recent Where the Wild Things Are and Jackass) to create a 30-minute robot love story, purely for ABSOLUT "".

Activision brings Zhu Zhu to the DS - Feeds After Midnight

Our beloved Activision Publishing, proud owner of the Guitar Hero franchise, and now Blizzard, is branching out into a new age of gaming. That's right, they're bringing toy hamsters to the DS. Zhu Zhu Pets, the "Toy of the Year" winning hamsters, which are a cross between Tickle Me Elmo, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and probably any other number of popular toys mixed into one. It seems that they did their marketing properly as Activision has taken note and brought all the fun-filled experience of owning the toy in real life to the DS. At least people won't see you outside with your Zhu Zhu Pet.

AuthenTec Sensor makes Fingerprint Development .. Better

MELBOURNE, FL (Mar 23) - Fingerprint recognition devices used to be a thing for the use of high level, and high budget organization like the Pentagon, or secret organizations bent on ruling the world. However, AuthenTec, a leading provider of identity management, security, and touch control products, announced that its ATW310 fingerprint sensor has been integrated into a new, lowcost fingerprint development kit unveiled today by Texas Instruments. This will make it easier for manufacturers to develop fingerprint-enabled access control products for things such as locks, time and attendance monitoring systems (no more time fraud folks unless you're willing to lose a thumb over it), all the way to regular consumer products such as Data Storage, USB Smart Keys, Smart/Cellphones, and other portable devices.

@ becomes Art - Symbol inducted into MoMA

This isn't an ASCII joke. @ Is now everywhere, and is being used for more and more daily usages from e-mail all the way to Twitter. It has beaten the ampersand (&) and the number sign (#) in terms of relevancy in today's society, and it seems that the Museum of Modern Art has recognized it's importance in today's society not only as a functional symbol, but as a historical piece of art.

"Facebook" Virus Strikes Again!

The term "Hacker" seems to be a tad over-used these days, but according to a news release by (Reuters), "Hackers" have spread virus-borne spam e-mails that target's Facebook's 400 million person userbase. The virus, according to a McAfee statement on Wednesday, is in an e-mail that tells you that your Facebook passwords have been reset, and urges you to click on an attachment to get your new login credentials. What it actually gets you instead, among other things, is your banking information, passwords, and other types of malicious software.

The Fast Food Mafia

Everyone knows that the fast food industry is evil in its own right. I mean come on, trying to make money by making people succumb to their inner-most desires of greasy but oh-so-good french fries and burgers that probably have anti-nauseants in them just so your body can digest it.