ABSOLUT Vodka makes a smash hit...movie?

STOCKHOLM (Mar 23) - Marketing these days is getting more and more creative. The internet spawns the most innovative marketing techniques, like those banner ads we all love, and spam e-mails, and the like. There are also plenty of product placements in various movies, which prove to be quite successful. However, ABSOLUT Vodka has taken it to the next level to hire Spike Jonze (Creator of both the recent Where the Wild Things Are and Jackass) to create a 30-minute robot love story, purely for ABSOLUT "www.imheremovie.com".

The film, launched last Friday, has been a great success, and ABSOLUT has now decided to immediately increase the capacity on the site to meet demands.

"Imheremovie.com had 230,000 unique visitors in its first weekend, which is far more than expected. Due to the enormous interest in this collaboration, we have increased the number of screenings in our online movie theatre," says Anna Malmhake, Vice President Global Marketing at The Absolut Company. "I'm Here marks an evolution of our commitment to creativity, and I'm very happy about the great interest in this film. It is a beautiful story and a fantastic piece of art."

I'm Here is screened every two hours on http://www.imheremovie.com, with a total capacity of 12,000 viewers a day, increasing from a previous capacity of 5,000 viewers per day. Online visitors are offered a highly realistic cinema experience with Facebook integration, making it possible to see the film together with friends. The unique online-viewing experience helps to sell the advertising hype more than a regular viral movie would.


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