AuthenTec Sensor makes Fingerprint Development .. Better

MELBOURNE, FL (Mar 23) - Fingerprint recognition devices used to be a thing for the use of high level, and high budget organization like the Pentagon, or secret organizations bent on ruling the world. However, AuthenTec, a leading provider of identity management, security, and touch control products, announced that its ATW310 fingerprint sensor has been integrated into a new, lowcost fingerprint development kit unveiled today by Texas Instruments. This will make it easier for manufacturers to develop fingerprint-enabled access control products for things such as locks, time and attendance monitoring systems (no more time fraud folks unless you're willing to lose a thumb over it), all the way to regular consumer products such as Data Storage, USB Smart Keys, Smart/Cellphones, and other portable devices.

Texas Instrument's Fingerprint Development Kit (FDK) uses AuthenTec's new processor makes it faster and more accurate to match fingerprints by using the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in order to perform functions a lot reading your fingerprints.

"We wanted to create a development kit that can perform fast, accurate fingerprint matching and is cost-effective, which is why we chose to include a fingerprint sensor from AuthenTec, a proven, high-volume leader in the fingerprint sensor market," stated Fei Gao, product marketing manager for the C5000 DSP Group at Texas Instruments.  "System designers will appreciate the performance and robustness of our C5515 FDK, driven in part by our C55x DSP architecture, which offers code execution efficiency and reduced power consumption - important considerations in today's portable, battery-powered fingerprint applications."

We can be sure that this type of technology will slowly emerge into our everyday lives, from protecting our iPhones/iPods to a regular occurrence replacing regular tumbler locks with new age technology. with Texas Instrument's FDK available for only $79 USD from TI and TI authorized dealers, it can be easily integrated into various devices by manufacturers and consumers alike.

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